Photos By Julian Bueno

This page will be to showcase some of the photos taken by my son Julian. He’s 5 years old and using a P&S Nikon.


7 Responses to “Photos By Julian Bueno”

  1. Babe,

    I’m so happy to see that Dad gave you your own pages!!! GREAT PICTURES!!!! I can’t wait to see more of your work!

    Love you lots and lots and lots,

    Nina 🙂

  2. Good work Julian!
    My son Alex also loves taking photos of Lowriders too.

  3. We just showed our 3D Custom bikes in the NYC International Cycle Show and my partner took terrible pictures, I’m going bust his chops and show him the pictures your boy had taken. Tell him they are really nice pictures and to keep up the good work

  4. i love your photos

  5. i love lowrider cars

  6. Man For A Five Yr Ur Son Can Take Some Pics!!
    Respect IT!!!
    Check Out My Blog!!
    Nd Let Me KNow If You Like MY pIcs!!
    Nd can u give me some tips on the blogs plz

  7. You should update these 🙂

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