Event Coverage Part Two ~ 2013 Majestics Compton New Years Day Picnic ~ Irwindale

Here is another set of photos from the annual New Years Day Picnic Majestics Compton puts on every year. If you were there you how good it was, if you were not; you should be next year!

Now that’s how you should park at the park!

Check out Barba’s trunk set up!

Big Pancho’s 58 Impala looking good as always!

Toons & Mrs. Toons looking great as always!

Angel was at the picnic with his beautiful Impala!

Dr. Greenthumb posted up repping Mister Cartoon’s SANCTIOND brand.

Great group of women right here.  Angel, Stephanie, Julie, Evelyn, Tana, Robin, Julie, Nikki.

Alfredo from SouthSide Car Club cruising in and waving hi to us.

George, myself, Joey and Steven bringing in the new year!

Mark from Premier Car Club shared his custom air cleaner with me that he just made for his 59 Impala.

George brought out “US & Them” to rep Mister Cartoon’s SANCTIOND Brand.

Bob & Yoli ~ Two great people, always a pleasure to see them.

Orange always looks great on a Impala!

Always great to see Josh and Evan Greenspan!

Jose’s “The Game Don’t Last Forever” Impala from Los Angeles CC.

Eric, Me, Tattoo Tony and Johnny Krash.

That’s it for this installment of photos. I should have another post up tomorrow. Thanks for looking and don’t forget to hit the “like” button and leave comments.


~ by jaebueno on January 3, 2013.

One Response to “Event Coverage Part Two ~ 2013 Majestics Compton New Years Day Picnic ~ Irwindale”

  1. it was a great day, good way to start the year with our lowrider families, always look forward to see your pictures where ever we go. Great job Jae & Stephanie

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