Event Coverage Part Four ~ Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show ~ Las Vegas

Here is another set of indoor photos from the 2012 Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show that took place earlier this month.

“La Reina” from Nokturnal Car Club is the 2012 Lowrider Magazine “Truck of the Year”. Congrats to Hector aka “Zacatecas”.

Dre with his updated trike at the show representing Techniques Bike Club.

“El Jefe 52” from Tiempo CC Las Vegas.

Really liked the paint scheme on this truck. I believe its from Tijuana BC.

Darling Danika with “Cruel Intentions” from Imperials CC Los Angeles.

“Expensive Taste” from High Class CC. Speedy’s Caddy always looks good!

“Mrs. Impala” from Tradicionals CC.

Klique CC brought out this sick 59 El Camino!

Nice ’56 Chevy from Las Vegas.

Royals CC from Las Vegas.

I believe this Impala is from Good Times CC’s Utah Chapter.

This will probably wrap up my indoor photos from the show. SEMA show is starting next week so I will have to wrap up my Super Show coverage real soon.


~ by jaebueno on October 25, 2012.

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