Event Coverage Part Two ~ Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show ~ Las Vegas

Here is another set of photos from the Lowrider Magazine Super Show this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Darling Danika came out from Northern California to the show. We were able to spend some time with her and captured some great images. It was very cool to finally work with her and meet her, her husband Jay, and Nyk.

I will have more photos up of Darling Danika in my other posts.

Now for some cars! Another nice hard top from Individuals CC.

“El Rey” 2012 Lowrider of the Year. Congrats Albert!

Chuy from One Bad Creation CC busted out this Caprice! Nice! His other car is featured in the December issue of LRM.

Inferno 2 ~ The first one burned to the ground. 2012 Lowrider Bomb of the Year.

Jose from Imperials CC brought out this 50 Chevy hardtop which is dedicated to his brother.

Skim from Majestics CC had “White Trash” on display.

Pachuco CC had this beautiful Chevy Bomb Truck with work by Zack Felix.

Rollerz Only rag top Impala!

Klique CC had this sick hardtop 59 Impala in their line up.

That’s it for this post. I will have more photos up tomorrow. I have not even posted any outdoor shots yet!


~ by jaebueno on October 19, 2012.

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