Event Coverage ~ Oldies CC Car Show ~ San Fernando

Bright and early Sunday morning Stephanie & I were out the door and heading to the San Fernando Valley for the Oldies Car Club car show at San Fernando High School. We knew it was going to be hot, but it was a scorcher in the Valley yesterday! We had a great time despite the heat and would like to thank George, Kathy, Ricardo and the Oldies CC for their hospitality! Look for a full wrap up in a future issue of Lowrider Magazine.

Pachuco Car Club looking great as always!

Nice ’68 from Latin Dukes CC.

Dre and his “Firme” bike took home another trophy!

Latin World from Bakersfield brought out this hopper!

Jerry Lamm from Connected had his back window blow out during the hop!  See all the glass raining down the trunk!?

La Gente Car Club added the “City of Angels” chapter to the club at this show. Congrats!

Lefty showing strong as always!

Joel’s Jagster looking sick as always!

Majestics showed up deep to the show!

Check out this unique ride from Viejitos CC.

That’s a wrap for photos. I have to save the rest for the magazine. It was great to see everyone yesterday! Stephanie & I would like to thank everyone that offered us shade, food and water at the show. It was much appreciated!


~ by jaebueno on July 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Oldies CC Car Show ~ San Fernando”

  1. Hey Jae I like this I’m the owner of the Lesabre
    64 Buick from Viejitos this is just the beginning for that baby I’m doing a lot more so next year u see a totally different ride

    Thanks homie for postk g my ride

  2. Anything u want ask me just let me know
    Wether is good or bad it’s okay my friend

    Thanks bro

  3. What ever u ask it’s ok

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