Event Coverage ~ Crusin’ Califas Opening Reception ~ Oceanside Museum of Art ~ Oceanside California

Saturday evening was the opening reception for the Cruisin’ Califas Art of Lowriding Exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art that Stephanie & I are a part of. We made our way into Oceanside Saturday afternoon and were able to shoot the show before the doors opened for the evening.

Before we get to the photos I have to address something that some of those in attendance may have picked up on at the event. A bit of a back story. I had not been feeling myself for about a week but I just chalked it up to the stress of getting ready for two art shows a week apart. I had been complaining to Stephanie that my left eye had been bothering me and my tongue felt weird the day before the show.

As we drove from LA to Oceanside, I could feel a tightening in my face but just kept it moving and tried to ignore it. At the show Stephanie noticed that the left side of my face was not functioning. My mouth was drooping and my left eye was not blinking (which explained the eye irritation). For those of you that do not know, Stephanie is A RN (Registered Nurse) so she immediately went into action and started to assess me. Me being a man, I brushed it all off until she called for back up which happen to be the Oceanside Fire Department who have a station next door to the Museum.  They took me into the station and assessed me and confirmed her assessment and advised me that I get to a hospital right away. I had symptoms of Bell’s Palsy but as a precaution they wanted to rule out an oncoming stroke.

Still me being a diehard, I negotiated a few more minutes at the event under the watchful eye of the fireman and Stephanie. I had to get photos of the event and make sure I was able to say hello to everyone I could!  I started to notice that people started to notice that I was not functioning correctly which was enough for me to leave to the emergency room. I left without say goodbye and did not get to participate in the artists group shot which I was bummed about.

We ended up at Scripps Hospital in Encinitas and were immediately taken care of by the great Emergency Room staff. The Dr. confirmed that it is Bell’s Palsy. He gave me a regiment of meds and off we went back to LA but not before we stopped back in Oceanside to check in with our friends that knew what was going on. I cannot thank everyone enough for the care and concern especially Stephanie, the Oceanside Fire Department and the staff at Scripps Hospital Encinitas.

I have a doctor’s appointment today to go over a course of treatment. Hopefully this is only a temporary condition but either way, I will still be out there doing what I love to do; photography. Now, on to some photos.

Our contribution to the exhibit.

Howard Gribble & Deadend Magazine’s Contribution. Legends.

Teen Angel ~ The Legend

Masterpieces Model Club ~ Armando & Ulises ~ Miniature Masters

Mister Cartoon & Mike Pickel in this shot. Two Art Masters.

Mike Pickel ~ The Legend.

The front of the museum was filled with Lowriders and Bombs.

A couple of people shots. DJ Rue from the Tribal Familia & C/S Project (L) &” Xavier the X Man” from Magic 92.5 (R).

The Espinoza brothers from Deadend Magazine and our new friend from Europe.

This is only a few of the photos I took before I left. I will put another post up in a day or two.


~ by jaebueno on May 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Crusin’ Califas Opening Reception ~ Oceanside Museum of Art ~ Oceanside California”

  1. Brother, I love you very much and want you to be healthy. Please follow doctors orders. I am proud of you,your work and like I said in our conversation your health is more important!

  2. Does anybody know about any cars shows in the SFV, i would love to take my 3 year old son who loves the lowrider cars.

    email me at rmm_818@yahoo.com

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