On Newsstands ~ Revolucion Magazine

On newsstands now is the premier issue of Revolucion Magazine. This is the newest publication from the Lowrider Magazine group. Stephanie & I have event coverage from last year’s Cinco de Mayo show at the Santa Monica Pier (A couple of the photos from the show are on the cover as well) and I have a  “parting shot” of Ralph and his Harley Davidson tattoo at the back of the issue.  We have been working on this title for a while now and have a few more features coming out in the next issue. Make sure you pick up a copy and continue to support print media. This is a magazine for us by us and it will only succeed with our support.



~ by jaebueno on May 3, 2012.

23 Responses to “On Newsstands ~ Revolucion Magazine”

  1. Cant find this anywhere in the Biston, MA area. Little help please.

  2. I lived on that Left Coast for 11yrs (USMC Ret). I loved that life style with the rides….Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles. The West Coast is in another World!!!!!

  3. Where can I purchase this magazine at? I live in Huntington Park, CA

  4. when is the next edition coming out?!

    • Should be on newsstands tomorrow.

      • Ty bro, can’t wait ti see what’s next in your magazine.. Da boys in Oahu love the magazine, and if you ever come this way, look us up!
        TATAU M.C

    • Great magazine with incredible bikes, not a “bagger” rag, but a magazine devoted to workmanship and pride. All bike lovers will enjoy revolucion.

  5. were located in las cruces, nm where can I find this magazine?

  6. Is there anyway I can subscribe to this magazine?

  7. I live iN NORMAL. Can’t find the mag anywhere. Instead of looking for it, how do I subscribe? I’ve been looking since the first issue came out!

  8. I live in NORCAL. Can’t find it anywhere. Been looking for it since may! Instead of looking for it, how do i subscribe?

  9. Next month I will send you a picture of my 20111 deluxe named POR Vida. Root Beer flake candy; diamond cut heads an cylinders. Cholos etched all over diamond cut fat 50s stretched rear fender

  10. Ive been waiting on the third issue to come out but havent seen it yet. Hope u dont let it go, us texas bike love this. First chicano biker mag.

  11. How do I get my hands on back issues.

    Thanks, Doc

  12. I live in Oceanside CA. 92054 And I can not find the Mag anymore where can I purchase ???

  13. I would like to order this mag for my boyfriend, how can I order it and have it mailed to him in?

  14. Wanting the next magazine.. 2013! We are in nor cal. Where and when should it be out? Ty!

  15. Here in Reno, Nevada where do I get copies or can I order back order..

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