Event Coverage ~ 1st Annual Drifting On A Memory Cruise

Sunday afternoon was the first annual Drifting on a Memory Cruise down Whittier Boulevard. The starting point was Elysian Park and the end point was to be the Vineland Drive In in the City of Industry. Stephanie, Steven and I arrived at Elysian Park around 2pm and found the park busting at the seams with people and cars. It was going good for a while until the black & whites (LAPD) showed up and started handing out tickets. A couple of our photographer friends were given tickets for “impeding traffic” while they were photographing the cars. That was enough for us to put our cameras away for the duration and sit back and watch the black & whites (LAPD) do their best to drive everyone out of the park.

After a while decided that we would head to Whittier Blvd and Arizona and wait for the Lowriders to cruise under the sign to capture some photos. We were the first to arrive but after a few minutes our fellow photographers arrived. I guess we were not the only ones with the idea of capturing the cars under the sign!

We left Whittier & Arizona and headed to Montebello Park to meet up with everyone. All the way down Whittier Blvd there were cars and people in every available parking lot. It was a sight to see! The park and all the streets around were filled with people and cars.Even as the sun started to set, the cars were still coming down the blvd from East LA.

I’ll end this post here for the night. I have a few more photos to post up. Thanks for looking!


~ by jaebueno on March 5, 2012.

4 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ 1st Annual Drifting On A Memory Cruise”

  1. Nice Jae…thanks so much for the updates….messed up what the cops were doing to people trying to enjoy themselves

  2. Jae, it was a pleasure of finally meeting you in person at Elysian Park on Sunday. I admire your pictures and meeting you was a highlight of the day.

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