Images ~ Greenspan’s Varsity Jacket

As many of you know Greenspan’s is the place to buy your Pendeltons, Charlie Browns, Winos, and any classic clothing. While we were at the Grand National Show a couple of weeks back, we ran into Josh Greenspan from Greenspan’s Clothing Store. The store had a booth in the Suede Palace full of some great product. After talking with Josh for a bit he handed me a varsity jacket they had just made. The show was the first time it was going to be available and he wanted me to check it out. I was immediately impressed. Not only was it stylish it was lightweight and could be worn year round which is perfect for the  Southern California climate. Check out the photos below and if you are interested in purchasing one you can contact the store via their web site or if you are in LA just head to the store in South Gate.




~ by jaebueno on February 8, 2012.

One Response to “Images ~ Greenspan’s Varsity Jacket”

  1. I love the jacket! ALSO I WANT TO TAKE TIME TO CONGRATULATE MY friend, Pete Trejo, on his ranfla 57 CHEVY FEATURED ON PAGE 28 April 2012 issue!” So happy for you Pete!.I enjoy looking througj the Lowrider mag each time I get it! Lotz of nice cars!

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