Profile ~ STAR Eco Station ~ Culver City

The STAR Eco Station is an environmental science museum, an exotic wildlife rescue center, and a haven for endangered and illegally-trafficked exotic animals confiscated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Visitors to the STAR Eco Station experience amazing hands-on lessons in ecology and environmentalism through a breathtaking encounter with rare birds, exotic reptiles, wildcats and ocean life in a tropical jungle setting. Environmental partnerships enhance the station with discovery exhibits from organizations such as the US Fish and Wildlife feature, Surfrider and Santa Monica BayKeeper’s unique Storm Drain display and our walk-thru Kelp Forest.

The STAR Eco Station’s mission is “Preservation through Education.” It carries out this mission every day by educating students, visitors to the STAR Eco Station and community members about the preservation of our environment and the inter-dependence of all living things. We had a chance to check out the facility the last week of December thanks to our friend Corey who works at the STAR Eco Station. Corey invited us to check it out and took time from his busy day to give us a tour and allowed us to handle some of the animals. We had a great time and encourage you to not only visit the facility but to donate to keep it running. Corey and the team at STAR Eco Station are doing a great thing, they are not only caring for the animals but they are educating people about preserving our wildlife and our environment. Thanks again Corey for the tour and we will be back again soon! Here is a link to the web site for all of the info you need on the facility.




~ by jaebueno on January 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Profile ~ STAR Eco Station ~ Culver City”

  1. thanks for spreading the word! it was great taking you and Stephanie around the museum that day. I hope the kids had fun too.

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