Event Coverage ~ Bomb Club Originals New Year’s Day Picnic ~ Bonelli Park

The second part of our New Year’s Day was spent at Bonelli Park with Bomb Club Originals. Rocky & Sue host their own event on New Year’s Day so we make sure to come and hang out here as well. The great thing about the New Year’s Day events for us is they are both very close to our home and about 10 minutes apart from each other so we did not do very much driving at all.  The Bueno family would like to thank Rocky & Sue for always making sure we have what we need and for being great friends to us. Now, let’s look at some photos.

Rick Ortega from Lifestyle CC drove his 1984 Cadillac Coupe De Ville called “Eye Without A Face” to the picnic. It has been 10 years since it has been driven and Rick said it felt real good driving the Caddy.

Audie from Lifestyle CC also brought out both of his cars. Here is his Rivera “She Devil”.

Shots from around the park.

I’ll end this coverage with this photo that Stephanie took. It sums up New Year’s Day in Southern California. Cruising in your convertible with the top down on a beautiful Sunday with blue skies and warm temperatures.


~ by jaebueno on January 3, 2012.

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