Event Coverage ~ 2012 Majestics New Years Day Picnic ~ Santa Fe Dam

A New Year’s Day tradition in Lowriding is to attend the Majestics CC New Years Day Picnic. A few years ago it was moved to the Santa Fe Dam in Iriwndale California and has grown in size every year. This year was no different, unofficial reports are that over 2200 cars entered the event. I’m sure the number is actually higher because every available space at the dam was utilized. We were there from 8am to 1pm and did not get to see all of the cars and clubs that were there.  Hats off to the Majestics Car Club on another great start to the year. Make plans to attend this next year. Many people from out of state plan their vacations around this event.

Brandon from Lifestyle CC with Summer Madness. He was cruising the park showing everyone that the 63 does get driven.

What a great color combination on this rag top. Didn’t get to see if it belonged to a club.

Tino and Pan Dulce hard parking and showing off his Danny D masterpiece.

Love the way this looked parked under the tree.

Old Memories CC always had quality rides.

How low can you go?

Everyone loves a 58 Impala!

Starlite Rod & Kustom was out in full force. Great to see you Edgar!

The weather, the people and the cars made this a great day to start 2012. Hope you had a great New Year’s Day!


~ by jaebueno on January 2, 2012.

One Response to “Event Coverage ~ 2012 Majestics New Years Day Picnic ~ Santa Fe Dam”

  1. I like the background of the pic’s ~ colors of nature look so vibrant

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