For Immediate Release ~ The Hundreds Spring 2012 Look Book

Los Angeles, Calif., – December 28, 2011 – The Hundreds is pleased to announce the release of the The Hundreds Spring 2012 collection look book, with the line set to release early 2012.
“It will not only be a banner year for The Hundreds, but for all humanity. According to the Mayan calendar the world will breathe its last gasp next December – so, in anticipation of this revelation, The Hundreds is embracing the end and bracing for an apocalyptic meltdown.
Our spring collection imagines the oncoming last days, a story that packages a more austere and rayless color palette, overlaying The Hundreds’ traditional bright and bold pastel hues.
Some people would rather celebrate their impending doom with front row beach-chairs to Armageddon; perhaps kicking back with a tall brew and our laidback, beach-minded striped tops, tanks and tongue-in-cheek graphics.  Others will kiss their loved ones goodbye in traditional Boy Scout fashion, driven by camping-related earth tones, military preparedness, and utilitarian-minded work wear details. We’ve also taken our custom camouflage patterns a step further, this time co-opting the conventional camos from international militaries and re-appropriating them with an artistic slant.
This is it, folks; but at least you’ll be able to say you went out in style.”                 Bobby Hundreds

~ by jaebueno on December 29, 2011.

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