All I Want For Christmas…

Today is Christmas day and almost everyone will get what they asked for or wanted. Hopefully you will got or will get what you asked for or wanted. All I wanted for Christmas again this year was to have my dad back with us here on Earth. Yes, it is far from realistic to think that my dad would come back to us but it is the only thing that would make this holiday a holiday for me. Enjoy your day today with your loved ones and remember those who are no longer with us. I will remember our last Christmas with my dad where the whole family came together to celebrate the holiday with him in 2009.  We took our cameras with us and we all took portraits that day commemorating the day. Here is one of all of us with him. This was the best Christmas ever…


~ by jaebueno on December 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “All I Want For Christmas…”

  1. Great family photo Jae! “Merry Christmas” Jae, Stephanie, and family! Wishing you the very best, and a blessed New Year!
    ~ Clark and Jayne Oden

  2. Love you dad ❤ I miss him too..

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