Available Now ~ DUB Garage

Julian got a huge box delivered to him last week from Myles over at DUB Magazine. Inside was their latest endeavor, a toy line called DUB Garage. Available in different sizes each of the DUB Garage toys has a combination of the following: lights, sounds,  and  music. Some of them are also remote control or motorized. The line features cars from Ford, Dodge, Chevy as well as some custom rides from the creatives over at DUB. Another cool addition to the toy line is aftermarket accessories from Borla, Pirelli , TIS, Dropstars and Eibach. They are available now at Toys r Us and everywhere else you buy toys.

D-JAYZ ~ Check out the working turntables on the top to mix with!

BLAZERS ~ Lights, Sounds and Motorized

Custom Ridez ~ Lights, Sounds and Motorized

RIM ROCKERZ ~ Lights and Sounds ~ These are just the right size for small kids.


For more info on the line check out DUB Garage.





~ by jaebueno on November 22, 2011.

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