Mail From Japan ~ The Local Hero Japan

I met Toshi at the Felix Chevrolet show in Los Angeles this past May. We were Facebook friends but had never met given the fact that he is in Japan and I am here in California. We happen to run into each other at the show and despite the language barrier were able to have a conversation. We’ve kept in touch online and a week ago he asked for my address to send me his first book “Life is Real”. Photography, cars, art, motorcycles and tattoos are some of his interests that are chronicled in the book. The layout, photography and the quality of the book are great. Thanks again Toshi!

Here is a link to his Facebook Page in case you would like to order it.

Toshi also included a video of a big show in Japan that was held last year. I will be check this out tonight!

He also included some items from Japan that I thought were pretty cool!

Thanks again Toshi! Hope you enjoy the tee shirt and sunglasses!



~ by jaebueno on October 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Mail From Japan ~ The Local Hero Japan”

  1. I have always liked his photography!

  2. thats some cool stuff!!!

  3. I too have a copy and it is great!!!

    Juan Trevino
    ///Relaxed Atmosphere C.C.

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