Event Coverage ~ Kokopelli Ink Grand Opening Art Show ~ South Gate

This weekend we did not plan to do anything other than work Julian’s school carnival. We had been invited to this event but knew it would probably be over by the time we left the festival. We got word that it was still on so we shot down to South Gate to say our congrats to Susie and Gabriel from Kokopelli Ink in person. The tattoo studio is an extension of the Kokopelli Smoke Shops owned by Susie & Gabriel.

The event was an art show and grand opening celebration for their new venture. Susie chose to honor the memory her uncle Robert Conchas at this event as well.

Here is a shot of Susie with Mando who is Robert’s oldest son.

Evan & Josh Greenspan from the legendary Greenspan’s. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody!

Remember this name, Davin Enriquez. He is the artist in the middle of the shot. Very talented!

Edgar Hoil aka OSOK with Susie and Mando.

Some shots of the art work and the tattoo studio.

That’s Gabriel Kokopelli in the middle.

People pics from the event.

Gabriel and Susie, the team behind the Kokopelli brand. Congrats friends! Thanks for the invite!

If you are interested in getting some skin blasted, the address is 4217 Tweedy Blvd, South Gate, Ca 90280


~ by jaebueno on October 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Kokopelli Ink Grand Opening Art Show ~ South Gate”

  1. Great art. good time, nice people. Good to see you and Stepanie. TWICE in on week! Very nice photos. It showed we had a good time!

  2. As always, great work on the photography! My only thing is, can you link it to show the full image, as you had it in the past? This way, every little detail can be seen.

    Any more info on Davin Enriquez? What kind of an artist is he? tattoo, illustrator, etc..Thanks

    • Joe, I have not changed the way I link my photos. My guess is Flickr has changes their hosting. Davin is a illustrator and tattoo artist. You’ll be hearing more about him real soon!

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