Event Coverage ~ 2011 Lowrider Magazine Super Show ~ Saturday Set Up ~ Las Vegas

This weekend was the last date on the 2011 Lowrider Magazine Go -Lo Tour. Every year the tour ends in Las Vegas so people travel from all over and make a weekend out of it. Stephanie & I drove into town on Friday morning and we went right to set up. We did pull out our cameras on Friday since everyone was making their way into the show grounds so we took the time to say hello and catch up with friends. We have not been to a show since July so we had a lot of catching up to do. Come Saturday morning we were back at the show and so were a lot of people. There was so many people at set up that it was hard for us to get clean shots. We are not big fans of people in the background of our photos so waited until the late afternoon after the crowds died down to shoot some photos.

This is the trunk everyone came to see. Albert DeAlba did not disappoint!

No documents Lowriding like the man we call “Bean”. I am proud to call him a good friend!

Our friends, Johnny & Georgette Salter from South Carolina with their 58 Impala from Premier CC Los Angeles.

Clowny added some more to his Harley. This Harley is stunning!

Our good friend Joey Hernandez from Techniques Los Angeles showed up with his refreshed Lincoln by Big Spike at Gator Customs.

Brother and Sister Lowrider bikes from Techniques Bike Club.

The infamous Skim from Majestics CC Texas. Great to see you my friend!

Plaque master and Los Angeles Car Club member Joel Garcia brought out this beautiful 57 Bel Air.

Los Angeles CC also brought out Freak Show to the Super Show.

Carnales Unidos Car Club had a great line up!

Steve brought out Str8 Loco. Photos do not do this Harley justice!

Angel brought out his redone 60 Impala. Very nice Angel!

Alfredo from SouthSide CC brought out his sick Harley.

I’ll have another post with a second set of Saturday set up photos some time tomorrow. In the mean time enjoy these and please comment if you like them or not. Thanks for looking!


~ by jaebueno on October 11, 2011.

5 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ 2011 Lowrider Magazine Super Show ~ Saturday Set Up ~ Las Vegas”

  1. […] https://jaebueno.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/event-coverage-2011-lowrider-magazine-super-show-saturday-s…AE GOT YOU ON WORD PRESS HOME ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKY IS THE LIMIT 1966 Chevy C10 Sold to some lame ass whiteboy! 1967 Camaro R/S Sold 1988 Cadillac d'Elegance Sold in San Felo 1989 Cadillac d'ELegance Sold 1970 RIviera Sold to the homie Victor 1980 Chevy Malibu Sold 2 LIFTED 1972 Impala 2 door Sold to the homie Rick Flores 1966 Caprice Wagon ( NOT FOR SALE ) Reply With Quote […]

  2. great pics!!! must be the Nikon huh Jae??…lol…

  3. Great photos. Great to see you and Stephanie there.

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