Images ~ Friday in Dalton Georgia

Friday morning Stephanie & I were on the first flight out of Los Angeles heading to Dalton Georgia via Atlanta Georgia to do some work for Lowrider Magazine. Our plan was to shoot two cars for features on Friday and attend the Bounded show on Saturday and shoot another car at the show. Then on Sunday we would shoot Obsession Car Club for a car club profile. We arrived in Atlanta in the afternoon and were scooped up by our friends from Bounded and off to Dalton Georgia which is a 2 hour drive from Atlanta. Once we were there we met up with Rudy and  the rest of the club and found a couple of spots to shoot the two cars. I will say this, for Dalton being a small town we found spots on every block to shoot cars. I was joking that I was going to get up early Saturday morning and shoot all of the building in the city and save them for future photo shoots. Unfortunately I do not know how to drop in or blend images in Photoshop so I just slept in until show time.  Here are  a couple of shots from Friday.

I’ll have a blog post tomorrow with coverage from the Bounded show and the photo shoot we did at the show.


~ by jaebueno on August 29, 2011.

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