Images ~ Custom Paint

We are fortunate to have some great people in our lives. One of those people is Traffic Car Club President Mark Alcala. Mark is one of the most genuine, easy going and generous people we have the pleasure of calling our friend. A few years ago Mark custom painted a lens hood for my camera. While people have pinstriped their camera gear for years, I believe Mark & I were the first to collaborate on a custom painted one. Over the past year he has painted another one for me and had promised Stephanie he would do one for her. The time had finally come for Stephanie to get her turn, we upgraded her camera body and moved the lens that uses the lens hood that Mark had painted for me to her camera body. Below are the first shots of Mark’s fantasic work on Stephanie’s lens hood. This was the first one he patterned. My were a solid candy color whereas Stephanie’s is patterned in two different colors (red and black) and her name is sprayed in a silver. Thanks again Mark for taking the time to personalize our gear. Stephanie will use this at the shows so make sure you stop he so you can appreciate the paint work in person!


~ by jaebueno on July 1, 2011.

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  1. wow. Very unique!!!!

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