My Dad ~ Master of Positivity & Encouragement, Infamous Storyteller, Leader of the Pack

Today we celebrate the men in our lives, our fathers. My family will celebrate the life of our father this morning at the cemetery. For those of you that do not know, my dad passed away in March of 2010 from Pancreatic Cancer. The photo above is from Christmas 2009 when we as a family celebrated the holiday the last time with our patriarch.

I chose three qualities to remember my dad with for this post. The first one is “Master of Positivity & Encouragement”. Anyone that has had the honor of having my dad in their life will attest to the fact that he was always filled with positivity and encouragement no matter what the situation. Whether he just met you or knew you your whole life, he always had a way of filling you with positivity and encouragement not matter how bleak the situation you were taking with him about was. I went to my dad with every important decision, situation or just when I need a pick up. There was never a time when he could not find positive side to any situation including his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. While we all were devastated with the news, after the initial shock of the news he made the family feel a sense of hope with a few words of positivity and encouragement. I truly believe that his positive attitude helped him with his battle and kept him on this earth a bit longer for us all.

My dad was also the “Infamous Storyteller” to his friends and family. A a kid, our camping trips always included stories on the ride to our destination and of course around the campfire at night. Some of the ones that not only my sisters and I got to enjoy but so did our children and extended family on their camping trips with him were “Falling Rock”, “The IIorona” and the many stories of his childhood in Mexico. My dad even had stories with life lessons that were also another way of encouragement and positivity. Although we can no longer hear him tell the stories we all have them stored in our hearts just where he wanted them to be stored.

The last quality I will talk about is my dad as “The Leader of the Pack” aka “Biggest Presence in the Room” . He was the patriarch of the Bueno family but he was also a pack leader in life. He retired from Bank of America after a 40 year career managing departments throughout the corporation. To this day I still hear about how he managed and led his employees and treated them like family. The other quality “Biggest Presence in the Room” is a testament to the fact that my dad could walk into a situation (party, meeting, conversation) and take over with his personable personality. It wasn’t intentional (or maybe it was!) but my dad had a way of capturing peoples attention and he did not mind having all the attention on him! Quite honestly the “Biggest Presence in the Room” is a genetic trait in the Bueno family. There are plenty of us in the Bueno family or with the Bueno surname that do not mind the limelight!

I end this post with a “Happy Father’s Day” to all the fathers that are reading this post. We have a duty to not only lead our families and guide our children but it is also our duty to leave them with life lessons to carry on after we are gone. Although I miss my dad everyday and can no longer talk to him when I need a pick up or a good laugh, he left me with plenty of words of encouragement, stories and personality traits to continue on. For this I am thankful and honored to be his son.


~ by jaebueno on June 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Dad ~ Master of Positivity & Encouragement, Infamous Storyteller, Leader of the Pack”

  1. What a lovely picture jae.Happy fathers day and may your dad be looking over you with a smile.

    God Bless

    Ecalderon & Family

  2. Your father was one of a kind for sure sir! I remember the welcoming kindness he had when we met! Good times and never forgotten!

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