Event Coverage ~ VCCA “All Chevrolet Show” Car Show at Felix Chevrolet ~ Los Angeles

Yesterday was the VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club of America) show at Felix Chevrolet in Los Angeles California. Alonso Guerrero from the VCCA worked hand in hand with the management of the longest operating dealership in Los Angeles to produce this event. They were allotted 200 spaces for the show and the spaces sold out in two weeks! Look for a full recap on the event in a future issue of Lowrider Magazine. Hopefully this will become an annual event!


~ by jaebueno on May 30, 2011.

7 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ VCCA “All Chevrolet Show” Car Show at Felix Chevrolet ~ Los Angeles”

  1. Jae your camera work was great it makes you feel as if you were there. and if you weren’t there, makes you feel you should have been.

    Stay Focused
    Alonso Guerrero

    • Alonso, thanks very much for the invite to the show. It was one for the history books. You and your team did one heck of a job!

  2. Very Nice!!! I was in Santa Maria, I wish I could have been in 2 places at once.

  3. I would be more than happy to to do a repeat. if the dealership gives us the green light we’re there.big gracias to your lovely wife as well.to all in attendence what can say but THANK YOU gente linda.

  4. WOW. The shows, the images, the turn out, absolutely one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time. Images are fantastic as always Jae! Thanks for the tips btw, be well.


  5. Jae, Thanks again for both of yours top notch fotos once again Carnal. It was real nice to see you 3 out at the car show Carnal. If there is ever anything you need (chair, water, soda or maybe a cold 1) we always got yours and your Familias back. Again Gracias to both of you for the great fotos you took on Sunday at FELIX Chevrolet in LA, CA. Anymore pics of our 6 rides you may have taken a pic of what we represented with on Sunday. :-{)>

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