Event Coverage ~ Our Style CC Car Show ~ Long Beach

This morning Stephanie & I headed out to Long Beach to check out Our Style CC car show at Cabrillo High School. The show was a funraiser for the school’s AVID program. There was a great turn out and the weather was nice. Congrats to Our Style on a great show! Here are some photos from Stephanie & I.


~ by jaebueno on February 27, 2011.

60 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Our Style CC Car Show ~ Long Beach”

  1. Not a huge car fan personally, but I can see the beauty in these! Thank you for sharing…


  2. Cool cars 🙂

  3. Sweet rides.

  4. These cars are works of art!

  5. Your insect-eye-view (ground level) photos are great. What a nice technique.

  6. I’m not into cars but wow these are beautiful. Classics ❤

  7. any picture of the bikes that were there?

  8. Those cars are stinkin’ sweet!

  9. i just dont see why my 09 subaru forester wasnt asked to be in the show! awesome pics

  10. I’ve got a 1991 Cadillac that I would love to get “pimped out” like this. Maybe when I win the lottery…?

  11. Cool pictures, which was your favorite car?

  12. super nice rides, i wouldnt own one personally but they are a staple in california and a piece of history. nice photos

  13. Nice cars! Can’t say which is my favorite. I like them all.

  14. I would really like to see a car show like this. Maybe one day I will. Great photos by the way.

  15. nice pics, excellent quality.congrats

  16. I much prefer seeing classics restored back to their original beauty as opposed being turned into bouncing toys. To each his own. Congrats on FP

  17. Beautiful cars but….no Mustangs?

  18. Wow a blast to the Past!

  19. AMAZING cars. Love this post. Carla

  20. I’m not really into the hydraulics, but tht blue one (5th from the top) is so cool looking!

    Felicidades on being FP! 🙂

  21. NICE

  22. love that 63 impala…. it looks so clean all original….

  23. It’s very nice pic I like it..Great for All visitor

  24. Not a car person but I loved these cars and the beautiful colors. Great photos!! They are very cool.

  25. Cool pics. I love watching the cars bouncing up and down. Am I a dork?

  26. Damn…. awsome man……
    thanks for sharing

    visit me at:

  27. What a great day out that must have been. It’s always nice to see an older car as most newer cars are so generic. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  28. cool cars

  29. Fabulous photography

  30. Great shots man! Hope the event was a success.

  31. Wow !! Just amazing and cool hydraulics and cars. Really a nice event and great photos.
    I liked the green ride better than the rest.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and photos.


  32. Nice rides!!!

  33. Very nice pictures. thanks for sharing

  34. What a great day out that must have been. It’s always nice to see an older car as most newer cars are so generic. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  35. things arent to shabby here at the gateway shopping center…lol… i was actually just gifted my first camera got a Canon Rebel XTi…. hope to one day take some clean shots like you my man!!! got a lot to learn brotha…

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