Images ~ Jesse Valadez’s Casket

Last night and today were the memorial service and  funeral for Imperials founder and owner of the iconic Lowrider “Gypsy Rose” Jesse Valadez. The Imperials had his casket painted to match his Impala complete with custom paint and pinstriping. Danny D was asked to add accents to the casket this past week. I was able to capture Danny as he worked on it and out of respect to the Valadez family and the Imperials I wanted to wait to post a couple of photos until the services were over.


~ by jaebueno on February 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Images ~ Jesse Valadez’s Casket”

  1. speechless. please tell danny that we appreciate his work beyond what words can express.

  2. […] by Gypsy Rose on a flatbed truck. Valadez, who died of cancer, was buried in a customized casket painted to resemble his famed Impala, the making of which was photographed by Lowrider Magazine contributor Jae […]

  3. we in salinas ca will miss you brother. you brought us laughter and smiles like no other has. your memory will last a lifetime .IMPERIAL MATERIAL POR VIDA . rest in peaceand lead us like you did here for so many years.

  4. […] Images ~ Jesse Valadez's Casket В« Feb 5, 2011 … 3 Responses to “Images ~ Jesse Valadez's Casket” …. art on Event Photos ~ Young & Rec… … […]

  5. rest in peace brother we will miss you, IMPERIAL 1972-1976 (1970Reviera)

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