Sunday Recap ~ Happy Birthday Dad

Today would have been my father’s 69th birthday. Last March he passed away after battling Pancreatic Cancer. We as a family decided that we would celebrate his birthday and make a day out of it. My family from Northern California and Southern California came together this morning for Sunday mass. Attending church for me has always been a task and today was no different but the mass ended with everyone in church singing “happy birthday” to my dad  that gesture made my experience well worth it. . We all went to Sunday brunch after mass and then headed to the cemetery to place flowers, sing “happy birthday” and have birthday cake.  It was nice to  have the family together. We all have great stories about my dad especially the grandchildren. My dad and step mom took the grandchildren on vacation every summer and to this day the kids reminisce with each other about the great times.

I too was very lucky to go on quite a few adventures in my youth. One experience that I will never forget is my dad picking up on night and driving into the desert and spending the night in a parking lot. I awoke to find out that we were at Edwards Air Force Base in the California desert to see the landing of the Space Shuttle for the first time in California. Memories like this will never, ever leave me.  I can honestly say that when my dad passed away last year a little bit of me passed away as well. I lost someone very important to not only me but to many others. This man taught us many of life’s lessons and was the source of some great advise and encouragement.  I’ll end this with a virtual toast to my dad by holding up a virtual Miller Lite in one hand and a golf club in the other. Happy Birthday JB, you are loved and missed very, very much.

Here’s a photo of the Bueno family from Christmas 2009. This was the last time we were together with my dad celebrating Christmas.


~ by jaebueno on January 16, 2011.

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