Images ~ Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show ~ The People Pics

One of the best things about car shows is the people. Over the years, Stephanie and I have made some great friends and acquaintances attending shows. The Super Show is one show where we run into and get to spend alot of time with people we have met over the years. This year was the same but it was a bit harder to stop and talk ’cause it seemed we were busier than ever! These are just some of the people we ran into while we were at the show.

Me & my Vegas homie Quitos

Danny D & Eddie ~ Lifestyle CC

Stephanie, Jessica & Julie

My new friends from Australia!

Josh Greenspan and my new UK friends ~ The Twilight Players ~  Karachi Kid

Joey & Veronica ~ Techniques Los Angeles CC

Fisheye & his lady

Big Fern, Javi & John Krash ~ Lifestyle CC

Clowny & Marina ~ Techniques Los Angeles ~ Best Harley and Best Murals

We had dinner with Clowny, Marina, Big Fern and Big Perm after the show and it was laughs all the way around!

We covered the concert too and got shots of Baby Bash and Lil Rob from the stage and in front of the stage. I really liked the way Stephanie captured them in these shots.

Well that’s it for Super Show coverage. As always there will be a full wrap up in a future issue of Lowrider Magazine.


~ by jaebueno on October 13, 2010.

One Response to “Images ~ Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show ~ The People Pics”

  1. Well done my friends!! It was great to meet you guys. Also fun to just hang and chill out.

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