Available Now ~ The Hundreds 2010 Fall Tees-Rosewood Collection

For Immediate Release:

This week The Hundreds releases the Fall 2010 limited tees from the Rosewood
Collection, completely exclusive to our three flagship stores: THLA, THSF,
and THNY. This delivery includes a new round of t-shirts specifically
created for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York-as expected. Highlights
from this collection include, locally inspired takes on the popular Logo
Tee, which all TH stores will be receiving, the colorway will vary depending
on location. Also, there is The Athletic Series, which will be available at
all three flagship stores. The Transportation Series is based off of each
city’s public transportation rail systems; New York City’s Transport
Authority, San Francisco¹s Muni Transportation Agency, and the Southern
California’s Pacific Union Rail system. In addition, we also have The Mascot
Series, which is inspired by vintage football merchandising. The
Transportation and The Mascot series tees, depending on colorway and
graphic, will be exclusive to each city’s flagship store. The Rosewood
Collection is only available at The Hundreds retail stores.

The full collection is here.

Available now at the THLA, THSF, and THNY stores.


~ by jaebueno on October 7, 2010.

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