Image ~ A Gift From Stephanie

Stephanie came home with this yesterday for me! I knew she was up to something when she was sending me font samples via picture message but she finally gave up being secretive and told me what she was having made for me. Even though I knew what she was making it for me, I was still tripping out when she came home.  I really appreciate the gift and more so the thoughtfulness of it. Stephanie, thank you for believing in me and having my back all these years while I chase my photography visions.

We have been thinking about making hats, sunglasses and t-shirts. What do you think? Would you wear something with on it?


~ by jaebueno on September 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Image ~ A Gift From Stephanie”

  1. You know we would!

  2. You are very welcome babe, I will always have your back!

  3. Nino shoot the hat! Ill rock it in the club scene. 🙂

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