Preview ~ The Hundreds Fall 2010

Here is the first look at the Fall collection from The Hundreds. Co-Founder and Creative Director Bobby Hundreds had this to say about the collection.

I know it’s often said, but this is easily our favorite season as a collective here at The Hundreds. It not only reflects our maturity as a 7-year-old niche brand and business, but all that we have learned, experienced, and fine-tuned when it comes to bringing you the finest apparel from a global streetwear name.

The past decade saw the rise and saturation of modern street culture, and as the next approaches, I’ve imagined a post-streetwear take on our classic apparel aesthetic. So what you will see over these next seasons, as far as our offerings go, is a certain modern familiarity with bold colors, smart graphics, traditional sportswear, and premium denim, but through a nostalgic lens. So what were once vivid hues have been toned down to classic shades, raw and crispy fleece may have a more comfortable hand-feel, and the washes follow suit. There is an obvious emphasis on worn-in sweatshirts and ready-to-wear jackets, while our trademark plaid flannels have taken a more subtle approach. The idea here is that these are your favorite The Hundreds clothes as you may find them to wear in years’ time. And we certainly hope that is the case.

This is the past, present, and future of The Hundreds, all in one cohesive range. We hope you appreciate it.”

More photos on my Flickr page. Link here!


~ by jaebueno on July 15, 2010.

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