Images ~ Weekend Update ~ Friday & Saturday

Friday night after work Stephanie, Julian & I ran some errands and them headed to Whittier to meet up with a very talented artist that is known in the Lowrider Culture as a acomplished model car builder.

Saturday morning I had a scheduled shoot with a very nicely restored 1939 Chevy.

There was a show going on a the local Harley Davidson dealer where we met up so I snapped a few photos before I headed home.

Saturday afternoon Stephanie & I attended the wedding of our friends Kiki & Turtle from Good Times Car Club. We snapped a few photos but stood out of the way of our friend TwoTonz who was their wedding photographer.

The happy couple! You guys looked great!

Neu Exposure CC ~ San Fernando Valley

Hope everyone had a great time at the reception!


~ by jaebueno on June 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Images ~ Weekend Update ~ Friday & Saturday”

  1. does he sell the models cause im diggin them if he has a webiste or anything tell me please

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