Event Coverage ~ E3 Forza Motorsport XBOX 360 Event ~ ID Agency

The annual E3 convention is in town this week and last night the ID Agency hosted a VIP preview of  XBOX 360’s Forza Motorsport. The event was put on to show what’s next for the title. As always the ID Agency opened their event space to invited guests to test drive the game and also to assist the game developers to showcase what is next for Forza Motorsport.

Guests were able to use the game stations around the event space to play Forza Motorsport.

Some of the invited guests were taken behind a curtained area to see how XBOX’s Kinect motion control can be used on Forza Motorsport. No, he’s not angry with the game. He is using his hands to steer the car in the demo using XBOX’s Kinect motion control.

Another feature that was shown to us was a way for game players to experience the cars in the game with Kinect. Using Kinect the game players could explore the cars and of course customize them.  You could open doors, start the car, change the color and find out facts about the car. Here are some of the screen shots.

Here’s a YouTube Video to see Kinect in action.

Pretty cool huh!?

As with any event, let’s see who showed up to experience Kinect.

My friend and yours, Jon Chase was on hand and brought some sick art work for the game! Don’t forget to buy DSTROYR!

Magazine Editor Carter Jung & fellow Fatlace blogger and friend John P.

DJ Neil Armstrong & fellow Fatlace blogger and friend Emily Shen.

Formula Drift competitor Dai Yoshihara showing me the proper way to drive using Kinect! He should know, he has already won two of the 3 Formula Drift events so far this year.

Well after loading up on great food from Gram and Papas and too much NOS Energy Drinks, Stephanie & I headed home. Thanks to John, Emily and Victor from the ID Agency for the invite and great to meet everyone. I did not get a photo of you Marco but it was great to sit and talk with you! It’s been too long since we hung out!


~ by jaebueno on June 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ E3 Forza Motorsport XBOX 360 Event ~ ID Agency”

  1. Thanks again man much respect!!!

  2. Nice work again dude and good seeing you and your lady as well! Can you change “my” link to marcopatino.com and not Marcoman for now, lol, it’s getting revamped. Happy Father’s Day…

  3. always good to see you jae! big thanks to you and steph for keeping an eye out on the food for me HAHAHA you guys are the best! big hugs ’till next time.

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