Images ~ Bueno Family Mini Vacation ~ Sea World San Diego

This past weekend the family & I trekked down to San Diego to get away for a few days. Saturday was Stephanie & I’s wedding anniversary so we celebrated by going to Sea World with the kids.

By chance, we got an up close view of a dolphin training session in the dolphin exhibit.

There is a new dolphin show called Blue Horizon. We did not care for it…

The kids with one of the characters walking around.

One of the killer whales pre show. I shot this photo through the glass on the observation deck.

We sat right in the middle of Shamu Stadium!

No, the trainer was not harmed in this photo…

The sea lions are always a hit with Stephanie & the kids.

He blinked!

Scenes From the Wild Artic Exhibits

We wrapped up our day at Sea World, went to dinner and then went back to the hotel for the night. Stephanie booked our stay at the Bahia in Mission Bay and it was a excellent choice! Garden view bungalow, private beach and right next to the pool! Sunday morning we woke up and Julian spotted what he thought was a tarantula in the garden of our bungalow.  Turns out it was a group of ducklings huddled together to keep warm. We had a couple of ducks with their ducklings camped out in the garden.

Sunday we spent the day at the beach and the pool.  After dinner we walked around the hotel grounds and the bay and caught the Sea World fireworks show.

This is the Bahia Belle. It belongs to the hotel.

Monday morning we woke up and caught the Harbor Seal feeding at the front of the hotel and took some family photos before checking out.

Hey! This was just supposed to be Stephanie & I!  Darn kids! HeHe!

We spent Monday in Old Town San Diego and visited the Whaley House.

The Whaley House is supposed to be haunted and people have spotted unexplained “images” in their photos. See any in mine?

Spotted this VW Bus in Old Town. Cool right!?

We ended our day and vacation in Old Town and headed back home. It was a nice couple of days with the family and I know we all wanted to stay much longer but we had to get back. Hopefully we will be back in San Diego before the end of Summer!


~ by jaebueno on June 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Images ~ Bueno Family Mini Vacation ~ Sea World San Diego”

  1. Hey Jae!
    Looks like you had a great time. Congrats on what looks like a good time with fam.

  2. KICKASS JAE JAE!!! I CANNOT wait. 30 more days and I will be back home in SAN DIEGO and catch some of those sites. I MISS HOME!!!! And as always…GREAT SHOTS!!!!

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