Images ~ California Car & Cycle Show ~ Ventura

Today was the much anticipated California Car & Cycle Show in Ventura. We drove up yesterday afternoon and stayed at the Crown Plaza Ventura thanks to the generousity of Ralph Durazo of the Viejitos Car Club. We got up early this morning and headed to the show. There was a great turnout and alot of nice rides from the surrounding areas. Thanks again to Ralph Durazo and the Viejitos for being great hosts again this year.

My friends from Pachuco CC showed up in force. Looking good friends!

Stephanie caught Smiley judging early in the morning. He was busy all day so he had no time to harass the models! He He!

Southside CC showed up with a very strong line up.

Chris from Premier CC with his 62 Impala and his daughter.

Check out his trunk set up. Nice huh!?

Cruiser CC from Oxnard.

Connected CC had a strong line up as well. Both four and two wheeled rides.

Swift CC was showing very strong in Ventura.

Viejitos had various chapters show up and support the show.

Mike from La Gente had his Harley at the show.

Nice patterns huh?!

Mister Cartoon brought some of his Chevy fleet to the show and his children’s custom wagon and strollers.

That’s it for tonight. It was a long day but a great time. Good talking to everyone as always and great to meet those of you I have never met before.


~ by jaebueno on May 23, 2010.

One Response to “Images ~ California Car & Cycle Show ~ Ventura”

  1. great pictures jae… nice seeing you at the show…

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