Preview ~ The Hundreds Summer 2010 Delivery 2

For Immediate Release:
This week The Hundreds unveil the rest of the Summer 2010 collection, delivering six more graphic tees: 2 Bits, which refers to an old song; Across Bones, guest artist Vern spells out the brand name with bones; Gross Out Adam, by talented British illustrator Godmachine; Jumbo, because sometimes bigger is better; Trend, a graphic about jumping on the bandwagon by Bert Custodio; and TV, which is sure to give you square eyes.
Available at THLA and THSF this Thursday. More photos on my Flickr page.

~ by jaebueno on May 18, 2010.

One Response to “Preview ~ The Hundreds Summer 2010 Delivery 2”

  1. It’s great! this post is great! because I just found out about the hundreds which are popular people!..which their Graphic tees are much more impressive! because the design were very unique and stylish!

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