Images ~ Carnales Unidos Car Club 35th Anniversary Banquet ~ Bakersfield

After my photoshoot Saturday morning, I went home and loaded up for a trip to Bakersfield to attend the 35th Anniversary celebration of the Carnales Unidos Car Club. I got a call from the Godfather of Bakersfield Lowriding Harvey Reyes during the week inviting Stephanie & I down for the night. The event was great! Carnales Unidos packed the event space with clubs from all over California and had a couple of special guests. Lowrider Magazine co founder Larry “El Larry” Gonzales and Lowrider Magazine editor and Lifestyle Car Club President Joe Ray spoke and were presented awards by Harvey and the Carnales Unidos. Harvey and the club put us up for the night at the Doubletree Hotel in Bakersfield with the help of Alex “Microphone Fiend” Garza from Stylistics Los Angeles. We had a great time and there will be a full write up in a future issue of LRM.

Joe Ray and his award from Carnales Unidos.

Alex G. and his wife ~ Stylistics Los Angeles

Carnales Unidos Car Club

Carnales Unidos President Harvey Reyes and his family.

Jesse “Toro” from Impalas Magazine was at the event covering it for the magazine.

Thanks again for a great time everyone! Big Shod, thanks for getting us in front of the buffet line! Great to meet and talk to everyone!


~ by jaebueno on April 25, 2010.

One Response to “Images ~ Carnales Unidos Car Club 35th Anniversary Banquet ~ Bakersfield”

  1. thank you jae for the awesome work you and your wife did, thank you and the lowrider family, joe ray, larry and all the car clubs for coming out and making the carnales unidos 35th anniversary what it was. everybody coming out and having a great time is what made it such a huge success that it was. and thank you for taking the time out of your familys busy and crazy schedule for the great photo op.

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