Preview ~ Bound By Ink Magazine ~ On Newsstands May 1st

On newsstands May 1st is a new title from Source Interlink called Bound By Ink. It is a tattoo lifestyle magazine from the creative team that brought you Heavy Hitters Magazine. If you grabbed the latest issue of Heavy Hitters Magazine you should have seen the advertisement in there for Bound By Ink. The paper quality and oversize format will make this magazine look more like a coffee table book rather than a magazine in your home or place of business. Make sure you grab it on May 1st, I predict a sell out on the newsstands!


~ by jaebueno on April 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “Preview ~ Bound By Ink Magazine ~ On Newsstands May 1st”

  1. This is the most bullshit magazine ever.As a tattoo artist i take great offense that they would tell you how to make a homemade machine in this magazine.

  2. haven’t read it page for page but what I have read and seen it’s dope…and to Andy, don’t be offended, I would never tattoo myself with a homemade machine because I look for quality in art and artists. So yea, no fear, homemade machines wont replace talented individuals like yourself.

  3. I work at a pharmacy and when I saw this magazine, I knew I would love it just from the cover. I was right.. I fell in love! I want to be in it!!

  4. I just picked this magazine up and LOVE it! I look forward to seeing the next issue and would love a subscription!!!

  5. This is one of the most beautifully designed magazines I’ve ever seen.
    Very fresh and contemporary.
    I’m a big fan of this new approach, the level of creative is inspiring.
    Best ever! You
    ve changed my mind about the possibilities of what a tat mag can look like.

  6. Where can I find or buy the mag. Bound by Ink?

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