Image ~ Outake From A Photoshoot

This is Tony’s 1954 Chevy. He is part of the Pachuco Car Club and is from Northern California. I had set up the shoot with him for the morning of Pachuco picnic on the 20th of this month. When my dad passed away on the 19th, I called and cancelled the shoot with Tony unaware that he was already enroute to Los Angeles from Northern California. When Tony got my message he was very understanding and told me not to worry, we would reschedule. I felt bad that he had just hauled his car to LA just for me to cancel. We I got back into LA the morning of the 20th, I called him and told him I would meet him later to do the shoot. I’m glad I did. It kept me busy and I felt better that Tony did not haul the car for nothing. The day turned out really good and we got some great images. It will be a full feature in Lowrider Magazine later this year. Thanks again for understanding Tony.


~ by jaebueno on March 30, 2010.

One Response to “Image ~ Outake From A Photoshoot”

  1. Jae,
    This is a great picture all looks like it just “popped” for you at the right moment. Can’t wait to see it in an upcoming issue.

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