Images ~ Greenspan’s Classic Car Show ~ South Gate Park

Today was the long anticipate Greenspan’s Classic Car Show at South Gate Park. The show was a huge success for Greenspan’s. There was a great selection of show vehicles and people from all over came to check out and participate in the show. Many thanks to Greenspan’s for the invite and thanks to Mother Nature for the great weather!

Sue’s Bel Air ~ Bomb Club

Tovar’s 54 Truck

Huero’s 37 Chevy

El Pachuco & Pachuca Barbie

They came all the way from Japan. They were with our friends Juan & Maria.

Sick Harley Davidson!


Julian reppin Jon Chase’s DSTROYR brand.

Richard from the HB Gabachos 37 Chevy. This was my pick of the show!

The homie OG Abel and his team!


~ by jaebueno on March 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Images ~ Greenspan’s Classic Car Show ~ South Gate Park”

  1. where are nearby carshows at please

  2. Nice job as always Jae.

  3. very nice snaps jae jae! And Julian is getting SO BIG!!!!! Growing into a little man super quick! I remember him singing in the back of the escape. How times are flying by!

  4. I like the bike

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