Preview ~ The Hundreds Spring 2010 Tees

For Immediate Release:
Spring is officially in effect, now that The Hundreds are preparing to release their first batch of Spring tees. The season’s first delivery includes 10 new graphic tees. Designs include: Cow, inspired by old cartoons and untimely DUIs; Deagle, an updated version of the animated gun from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”; Horse, which takes the age-old phrase “Putting the wagon in front of the horse,” and applies it to a luxury leather goods maker; Jags-Broken, the latest flip on our trusty logo tee; Outstanding, which features Adam Bomb in sea of similar bombs – inspired by an Anthrax album cover; Stained, a stained-glass interpretation of our buddy Adam Bomb; Placa, a reference to The Hundreds’ roots in America’s entertainment capital; Pulp, a hilarious mock vintage mail order ad page; Pug, inspired by one of the most popular and important members of The Hundreds team; and last but not least, Fire, starring Adam Bomb, which was inspired by a classic Billy Joel song.

Available this Thursday at THLA and THSF.

More photos on my Flickr page. Link on the right.


~ by jaebueno on January 29, 2010.

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