Event Coverage ~ Famous Stars & Straps x Snoop Dogg ~ Hollywood

The 10th anniversay party for Famous Stars & Straps and the celebration of Snoop Dogg’s 10th album went down last night at Vanguard in Hollywood. Stephanie & I were invited by the ID Agency so we made sure to show up to this invite only event. We got there early and it was already chaotic! There were different lists for media, invited guests and contest winners so people were everywhere speaking the same line “I’m on the list!” Thanksfully Victor took care of us like he always does and walked us right in!

Once inside the club there were installations commorating Famous’ 10 years in existance and Snoop’s 10 album covers.

New Era had these cabinets set up through out the venue with FSAS fitteds.

Outside both Snoop & Travis had some of their cars on display. Here’s Trav’s Riviera. I hated the lighting they had on the cars.

There was a red carpet/sponsor wall at the event but I hung out at the end of the red carpet and caught people when they just made it into the club. I found a spot to shoot my photos of the arrivals.

Soul Assassins ~ Muggs & Mils

Ben Baller, Rob Kardashian, Franchise, Jimmy Boi

The super funnyJeff Garcia and his wife

SA Studios/Mister Cartoon’s Tattoo ~ Sal & Tana ~ Hi friends!

OG Graffiti King ~ Slick

R&B Artist/Reality TV Star ~ Ray J

Tattoo Artist Franco Vescovi & Maryam

Travis was kind enough to stop for me while he was walking in.

Mark Arcenal of Fatlace was at the event. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mark in person. We have mutual friends and I am a FATLACE regular so it was really cool to say hello and chat with Mark.

Trouble & Big Flaco was in the house! Good seeing you friends!

I managed to get on the stage just in time. Snoop, his band and Travis started the set and then they were joined on stage by The Game, Pharell, DJ Quick, Kurupt, Warren G, Nipsy Hustle, and Butch Cassidy. I’m sure I’m leaving some names out. At one point there were quite a few of people on stage.

This was only part of the crowd in the club to see Travis & Snoop!

These two need no introduction

Snoop’s band

I’ll end the post with a close up shot of Snoop’s microphone.

I’ll have another post with more photos. There were alot of photos ops at the event!


~ by jaebueno on December 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Famous Stars & Straps x Snoop Dogg ~ Hollywood”

  1. Gracias for the flikas.. About to add some to the facebook.

  2. to say the LEAST EFFING JEALOUS OVER HERE BUD! But if anyone got the A++ treatment you would be my first choice! Congrats on a LUCKY arse opportunity!

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