Images ~ Coast Airbrush Kustom Kulture Show ~ Anaheim

The family and I hit up the Coast Airbrush Kustom Kulture show this morning in Anaheim. Julian and I went last year and had a great time so this year the whole family went! We ran into quite a few of our friends and met some new ones too! The show had a great turn out! Check it out next year!

My familia,  the Castros were at the show pushing their brand Gangsterbilly! Check my blog roll to get your Gangsterbilly gear. They will also be at the Mooneyes show next week!

Tattoo Tony’s Impala was in the Lowrider Arte Magazine booth.

Big Lou & Bosco were at the show with their high end diecast brand called “The Custom Crew”. The brand keeps putting out some sick products! Look to my blog roll for more on this sick diecast line!

From Left to Right~ Tattoo Tony, Bobby Tribal and OG Abel ~ Have a safe trip Abel! See you when you get back!

Bobby Tribal’s truck! I’ll be down in San Diego soon to shoot the newest addition to his fleet of vehicles.

Clowny from Techniques Los Angeles and his sick Harley. People were all over the bike all day! He’s got more planned for the bike and another project busting out real soon! See you on the 19th Clowny!

Fonzy was at the show doing an airbrush demo. He is one talented artist! That’s his Stray Caddy!

Mexico Collision Center/Los Angeles Car Club brought a few rides out to the show including the Avalanche.

Around the show! I have a few more photos to go through.


~ by jaebueno on December 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Images ~ Coast Airbrush Kustom Kulture Show ~ Anaheim”

  1. Wish I made it out there, oh well, next year.

  2. Very interesting your article. Thanks for the information.

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