The Hundreds Week 18 Press Release: TH x DMC

For Immediate Release:


Immortalized by the Back to the Future film franchise, and shrouded in urban mythology, DeLorean has recently seen a resurgence in mainstream culture, from Kanye West album covers to Kobe Bryant sneaker campaigns.  The trademark gull wing doors, stainless steel exterior, and angular body have taken their place in automotive history, not only for the car’s signature design, but for the resulting controversy in founder John DeLorean’s drug trafficking charges and other legal and criminal troubles.  As a result, DeLorean Motor Co. had an abbreviated life and only one car model made it off the assembly line. Rumored to be around 9,000 total produced and even less still in existence: The DMC-12.


If you’ve been tuned to our website, you might already be anticipating this special collection of T-shirts and baseball caps from The Hundreds. We teamed up with the DeLorean Motor Company exclusively to pay homage to an iconic automobile. Each T-shirt is a different take on DeLorean and DMC-12 from a The Hundreds perspective, mirroring various Southern California car culture tees, while still maintaining an appealing design for our customer and DMC enthusiast alike. The New Era baseball cap is also a salute to DMC’s aesthetic.  The 3 Adam Bomb emblems are indicative of the 3 letters on the car’s grill, and the undervisor pattern is derived from the DMC-12’s familiar back taillights.


A DMC-12 will be on display outside our LA store this Thursday, and at our SF location this Friday and Saturday.


Available this Thursday at THLA and THSF.


~ by jaebueno on November 30, 2009.

One Response to “The Hundreds Week 18 Press Release: TH x DMC”

  1. Hey Jae nice blog, thanks again for coming out and taking photos of my garage.Is it possiable you can send me a pic that you took when both cars were parked in the garage.The pics that I took came out lousy,I don’t the equipment that you have.LOL I won’t send it out.Just wanted to see for my self.Take care Audie

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