The Hundreds Week 13 Press Release – Holiday 09

For Immediate Release:

Announcing the first delivery from The Hundreds Holiday 09 collection. This release includes ten tees from the collection, as well as all fleece, button-ups, pants, denim, outerwear, and headwear. The delivery continues The Hundreds’ signature West Coast style, infused with references to mid-90’s skateboard and hip-hop culture, classic sportswear, and Angeleno pride, as usual, not to mention many other subcultures which inform the brand. The tees include new logo-driven designs including Blur Adam, and Halftone Adam, as well as some more conceptual graphics like Cult, not to mention a few guest artist designs too. The cut & sew collection includes our signature knits & wovens, including the custom plaid Manhattan l/s shirt, original fleece like the LowBall zip-up, more of our signature denim, a selection of custom snapback caps, as well as winter-ready outerwear and accessories such as the Fargo jacket and Adam beanies. We also release two new New Era fitted hats for the season.

Available this Thursday at the THLA and THSF stores.  More photos on my Flickr.


~ by jaebueno on October 27, 2009.

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