The Hundreds Week 6 Lance Montoya Press Release

For Immediate Release:

The Hundreds has teamed up with accomplished artist and sculptor Lance Montoya, to release a series of three special collaborative T-shirts. He’s perhaps best known for producing eye-catching album cover artwork for Californian rock band Primus. The Hundreds worked with him towards creating fictional ‘90s-era rock band style T-shirt graphics. Each design represents a true artistic collaboration between Montoya and The Hundreds, based on an original sculpture he created, which was then developed into a complete visual story, capturing the aesthetic of the music scene during the last decade. “Route of All Evil” is based on Montoya’s amazing original sculpture of a snot-nosed, crazed businessman, clearly referencing the global financial crisis, and playing on the old phrase, “Money is the root of all evil.” “Self Titled” is based on an amazing original interpretation of our mascot Adam Bomb, rendered with a Cheshire Cat-like eerie grin, sitting on a stack of skulls. “Swine Flew” references the recent influenza scare, which may or may not have been a tremendous scam, blown out of proportion by the press. Available this Thursday at the THLA and THSF stores.


~ by jaebueno on September 10, 2009.

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