Event Recap ~ 2009 Long Beach Car Show ~ Long Beach

The family and I stopped by the Long Beach Car Show in the Shoreline Village area on Long Beach today. The show was layed out in the marina/lagoon area near the Long Beach Convention Center. Special thanks to Kevin Rheault for the media passes. The photos are a mixture of mine and Stephanie’s photos.

We ran into out friends the Basangan family at the show! Great seeing you guys!

Risk was at the show with his art and his Impala. Its for sale $50K

Jack Rudy’s ride

OG Abel’s Booth

Photos from around the show.


~ by jaebueno on July 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Event Recap ~ 2009 Long Beach Car Show ~ Long Beach”

  1. Sup Jae.!
    was nice seeing you down there.!
    great pics.!

  2. didnt go to the sunday one but i did go on saturday,
    you going to the mooneyes open house in santa fe springs?

  3. I like that first car. I know that tattoo had to hurt! That bike is hot! I would definitely ride that!

  4. was curious am from Bolivia was wondering where u are from Jae since our last name Bueno isn’t very common?.. oh and good job on your website!!..

    • Carlos, I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My family is from Durango Mexico. Yes, you are right Bueno is not very common. I see you are at Cal State Fullerton. My daughter is at Cal State Long Beach.

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