Congratulations ~ Stephanie’s Completion of RN School

For those of you that may or may not  know me and my family on a personal level,my wife Stephanie returned to college in 2004 full time to pursue the Registered Nursing program at Rio Hondo College in Whittier California. The first two years were completing the pre-reqs in order to apply to the RN program. When it came time to apply to the program, Stephanie was accepted and she started her journey head on! If anyone knows Stephanie, she gives anything she does 1000% so the RN program was no different.

To sum up her two years in the program, there were alot of days and nights with no sleep, time away from me and the kids and lots of missed social events. I’m not gonna lie there were times when she was ready to give up but like I said before, she starts what she finishes.  We as a family pulled together and kept her going. She completed every portion of the course with excellent grades and reviews from her instructors.

In my opinion, she thrived in the program. I tell people all the time that she is made to be an RN. It comes natural to her . She found her niche and I know she will do well in the years to come. I am so proud of her and this acomplishment. She completed the program while not only being a full time student but a full time wife and mother.  I also have to also acknowlege my in-laws Jim & Mercy Rodriguez for their support from day one of not only Stephanie but me and the kids as well. They are a HUGE part of Stephanie’s success and deserve congratulations and credit.

Tomorrow night is her pinning ceremony with marks her completion of the RN program at Rio Hondo College. Thursday she will accept her diploma with the other Rio Hondo College students that have completed the requirements for a AA degree.

Again congratulations Stephanie. I knew you could do it!

Here’s here graduation portrait.


~ by jaebueno on May 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “Congratulations ~ Stephanie’s Completion of RN School”

  1. WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! I know stephers worked hella hard the past few years! CONGRATS kiddo on a job WELL DONE!!!!! BRING ON THE BED PANS AND BLOOD DRAWINGS!!!!

  2. Congrats Steph!!! Well deserved.
    Lets go eat! LOL!

  3. Brother, the entire family is extremely proud of not only Stephanie and her great accomplishment but also of YOU. You have been a very supportive husband and hands on dad to your kids. You make us proud 🙂 We love you! Steph, we knew all along that you were going to success! Wear your gold cords (Miss Dean’s List) proudly 🙂

  4. Congratulation Stephanie and Family well done. Wow, you have inspired and reminded me that it is never to late! I am so proud of you and family seeing this thru TOGETHER!!!!! We must celebrate very soon.


  6. Congratulations! My wife went back to school
    while raising our 4 kids and became an RN at 42.
    It’s 20 years later and she still is working as an RN.
    She’s done it all and is presently working in a VA clinic
    helping our Vets! It’s a little easier pace than the hospital
    setting. (not getting any younger!)

  7. I just came across this on google and I gotta say I’m in tears, its so beautiful! reading this has gave me THIS more hope. I just now starting my pre-regs at 25, i have 3 kids and I’m ready. now i have more courage to head into this full force! I am also gonna do the program at Rio Hondo. thanks for this! and CONGRATS! hows it coming along presently?

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