Images ~ More From Royal Image CC Car Show ~ La Puente

A few more from this weekend at the Royal Image show in La Puente.


~ by jaebueno on May 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Images ~ More From Royal Image CC Car Show ~ La Puente”

  1. hi,
    i need a low rider for a photo shoot on tuesday in LA — you seem like a good guy to ask for leads.

    that monte carlo is SICK.

    i’m looking for the new lowrider look with big rims etc.. hydraulics too. someone who can bounce the car would be awesome.

    it’s not a lot of money but it would be paid.

    i sent you a flickr mail get me back there if you could.

    anyway, cool stream.

  2. Those cars are sweet!

  3. Are you guys the same Royal Image cc that stayed in L.A. in 40’s hood. I use to be over there all the time…. My uncle Mr. Davis and homeboy Curtis use to stay on the same block….

    • Twin, I am not from Royal Image. I covered their car show. Royal Image has been around for 35 years and it is possible you are asking about the same club.

  4. Hey,
    This is Ronnie from Royal IMage Car Club originally from the El Monte chapter I live in Oregon still representing Royal Image all the way to Vancouver BC. Trying to get ahold of Nick or Ruben Zamora if anyone has their contact information? Having a carshow this August 21, 2010 and would welcome all of you who want to come represent and support Royal Image Car Club Oregon.

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