Event Coverage ~ Peterson Automotive Museum Car Show

Stepped out for about an hour today and headed to the Peterson Automotive Museum for a car show and symposium. Because of the traffic in Los Angeles (even on the weekend) I missed the symposium but made the show and hop. Big Fern, Mister Cartoon and the DeAlbas were on hand with cars and also participated in the symposium. I had somewhere to be so I had to run through the show quickly and head back to the SGV.

Mister Cartoon’s latest addition to his stable of cars. I believe its a 39 Dodge. Striping and lettering by Danny D.

Elite Car Club

Sal from SA Studios and his girl

Individuals Car Club came out and did a hopping demo along with Kool Aid Hydros. There was some breakage.

These days a show always includes the two wheel riders.

Mister Cartoon’s Heritage

Old Memories had a strong showing.

Tradition Car Club was showing strong.

A few more shots from the show.

That’s it for tonight! I put up more tomorrow.


~ by jaebueno on April 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Peterson Automotive Museum Car Show”

  1. Great flicks jae jae! Almost has the feel I was there! Love the harleys! Super unique!

  2. Dope ass photos!

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