Mister Cartoon’s Tattoo Shop ~ Los Angeles

Again, to get tattooed go to http://www.mistercartoon.com.

Please read carefully: I am not Mister Cartoon. This is an article on the Tattoo Shop.

Tucked away in the artist district of Downtown Los Angeles is Mister Cartoon’s private tattoo studio. Mister Cartoon works by appointment only and charges by the piece not the hour. In other words, there is no dropping by for a quote or to get tattooed after a night out partying with your friends. If you are serious about getting a one of a kind piece of art on your skin contact the studio at tattoos@mistercartoon.com.

The tattoo studio is part of a complex that Toon$ and his business partner Estevan Oriol (world famous photography and video director) use as headquarters for their business empire. It also houses part of their car & motorcycle collections.


~ by jaebueno on February 5, 2008.

39 Responses to “Mister Cartoon’s Tattoo Shop ~ Los Angeles”

  1. Jae…your pics are excellent. Your website is very cool. Glad you turned me onto it. Mr. Cartoons shop is freaking immaculate. That would definately be a cool experience to get inked there.


  2. i was in la a few weeks ago and i couldnt find cartoons shop..rolled around downtown for like two hourslooking….i wanted to try and set up an appointment…do you know the address by any chance

  3. Daniel, as my article states the shop is not a walk in shop. There is a process to getting tattooed and it starts with an email to the email address listed above. Sorry, I am not able to give out the address.

  4. Hello your shop looks sick. I’m looking for a shop near me to apprentice at. I was wondering if you guys need help around the shop or if you are even interested in an apprenticeship.

  5. Nick, I did a article on the shop I do not own it. Again, Mister Cartoon’s Shop is by appointment only and is fully staffed.

  6. i am interested i getting a piece done by you…

  7. i really love your art work and i would love to get a tattoo…i would really appreciate if you cann email me back…..or weite back a response…..at 1707 La Brea Street APT#3j, Ramona, CA 92065

  8. roxana/lupe, if you re-read the article you will read that I am not Mister Cartoon. I wrote the article on the shop. It states very clearly on what the process is to get a tattoo done by Cartoon.

  9. So funny Jae, that people just don’t read.lol

  10. Yeah, I gotta agree; the pictures are on point! And the shop looks really good…

  11. Question? mr. cartoon, what is da best ink to use for black tattoo’s and outlines, whats da darkest looking best ink, cuzz all ur shit looks of da hook, so fuckn dark it looks so fresh, what ink do u use, please, get at me, thank u

  12. Jackie, re-read the post and you will find that this is an article on the shop by me, Jae Bueno. Seriously people, pay attention to what you’re reading…


  14. hey nice tattoos i wish can go over do me a jose crose

  15. mad props on the artwork homeboy.jus gotta let u kno i hav mucho respectos for u homie

  16. hey wats up..
    im a youngster from the valley and i was wondering if
    conversating with u is too much to ask?.
    ive been to your shop a few times already and those
    drawings amuse me alot..
    your art to me is more than just art..i know it
    may not be possible for us to meet but i see you more
    than just an artisit..

  17. Hello Cartoon this is Bell, I hate that the only way you can remember me is by saying Felipe. I am his ex and you inked me many years ago. Well i love your work and so does my world. I have a very close friend who is interested in creating a phoenix with a thunderbird combination. How can I go about refering them to you? Please feel free to email or call me at 818-621-2359,thanks look forward to hearing from you

  18. hey, my name’s Eric, i want some work done on my arm, sleeved i been reading the messages on the site’s and Mr.Cartoon says to drop by the shop in LA. and some say by appointment only, if someone can please e.mail me with some information on how to get a quote. if not ill be stoping by the studio soon. piece and respect.

  19. Hey Mr. Cartoon this Anthony your shop is really fantastic. Please suggest me tattoo for my abs.

    • Anthony, please re-read the post. This is not Toon$ site nor will he suggest anything for you from here. There is a process to get tattooed by Cartoon. It’s all in the post…

  20. how do i set up a tattoo appointment? i live in cleveland ohio and want mister cartoon to do my whole back!

  21. hey great forum! Will be back here often . I like 3d pinup art like this
    3D Fantasy Art

  22. Mr.Cartoon
    I’m interested in getting a tattoo from you, please call me at 123-456-789…… Lmao, all these dumb asses don’t fucking read your artical. you got mad patience responding all those messages! This shop and his work looks DOPE though!


  24. Whats up Cartoon… In incredibly interested in getting a tattoo by you… In looking to get a back piece that brings your unmatched LA style together with a Japanese twist…. I understand you are a busy person and i also understand that tattoos are forever’s… Hope to hear from you soon so i can put a deposit down and set up and appointment with you….

  25. my name is ivan i an interested in gettin a tattoo that involves my life growing up in east los angeles in my neighbor hood Geraghty Loma growing up there relly had a sence of home a sence of pride in my raza in my homeboys every one is proud of there neighbor hood but i want to incorporate this on a tattoo and i couldnt think of no one better that cartoon for this i know he has that chicano feel to his tattoo’s i would love to have cartoon do this for me.”Gracias”.

  26. Looking for a serious tattoo I a big Santa muerte viaje hit me up

  27. Holla back serious tattoo

  28. I want to get my 1/2 slave done, a small cover up and my last name with some key points in my life( I played music for many years and want a guitar I’m my fiore arm. All black and grey with super clean lines, I’ve been looking for years when I saw mr cartoons art I was floored!
    When could I come by and do I have to have the full design or will he help me with the art ?

  29. […] women has been a thorn in my side. I had admirers texting me to tell me they’d seen it. http://jaebueno.com/2008/02/05/mister-cartoons-tattoo-shop-los-angeles/ Even though, let’s get down to how to use dragon tattoo designs women. I’m kind of […]

  30. Mr. Bueno:
    I just thought you should know that at least one person read the article, understood every word and knows that you are not Mr. Cartoon.
    Yours Truely,
    King David

  31. Hello! Mr. Cartoon! My name is Camisha Chocolate & I was just admiring the rose tattoo that u put on Keyshia Cole’s wrist & I was wondering is there anyway u can send me a picture of the tattoo because I really want that same tattoo but the only difference is I want the letters C.C. at the bottom of the rose! PLEASE & THANK U! If u would try to get that picture to me by tomorrow that would be great!

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    provided us with useful info to work on. You’ve performed an impressive task and our entire neighborhood shall be grateful to you.

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