Grand National Roadster Show ~ Pomona

I blogged about this show on my Myspace blog and but I thought I’d put it up here too. This was the first time attending this show. It was a rainy Sunday but Steph and I still headed out. This is the first major show of the year and all of the big dogs come out to try and grab the huge 9 foot trophy pictured below.

America's Most Beautiful Roadster Trophy

This is the Suede Palace where the Kustoms are featured. Lots of pinstriping, primer and white walls.


Lifestyle Car Club was invited to the show and took home a few trophies!








George from Sick Customs brought out this sick custom!

Sick Customs

A few more motorcycles on display.

Photographer Marco Patino and his award winning Riviera Paradise.

Richie Valles from Unique Twist & Lifestyle had a few rides on hand.

unique twist

unique twist

unique twist

This is a roadster show so there are alot of roadsters on hand.

Here are a couple. I have alot more photo on my Flickr page.




A very cool event! I will be back next year to cover this event again.


~ by jaebueno on February 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Grand National Roadster Show ~ Pomona”

  1. Very cool photos! I dig what you’re doing with the frames. If you ever want to post some more photos, please look me up at It’s like myspace for gearheads.

  2. What time does the show begin on the 20, Jan.

  3. Jae Bueno would you please notify me when this event is going to take place for 2010?

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